Group therapy is counseling for a small group of people struggling with similar concerns. It is often a rewarding experience, and suitable for many people. As such, it can help those struggling with social isolation, depression, and the effects of trauma.

In some circumstances, group therapy can offer benefits that individual counseling might not. For example, group therapy can provide help through learning problem-solving skills and by offering the support of a community. Some of the reasons group therapy benefits so many patients include:

  • The tremendous relief we can participants feel we they see that others are going through the same struggles we are experiencing.
  • Group therapy helps participants develop appropriate skills to cope with many mental health challenges.
  • Some groups target a specific problem.
  • Other groups gather to assist one another with anger-management skills, social skills, or communication skills.
  • Groups are often a welcome and needed support network.
  • Members of a therapy group can serve as a sounding board for each other.
  • Therapy groups, at times, challenge their fellow members and hold each other accountable.
  • The diversity exhibited in therapy groups allows us to hear different perspectives.
  • When we observe how others tackle problems like the ones we are having, we can discover a wide range of strategies.

OptiMindHealth (OMH)

Here at OMH, we offer several group psychotherapy experiences for individuals struggling with social isolation, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and the effects of trauma. So, if you are dealing with these concerns and feel that a group might be right for you, contact us. If you feel a bit nervous about opening up to a group of people you probably do not know, you’re not alone. Others are struggling in ways that are similar to your struggles. Here is some additional information about what group therapy is like:

  • Groups are structured and planned.
  • If the group is “open,” new members can join at any time.
  • Your group will include multiple members and one or more trained leaders or counselors.
  • Some groups occur once a week, while others may meet more often.
  • Meetings usually last about 90 minutes.
  • Meetings typically take place at our clinic, and may be led by social workers, counselors, or psychologists.
  • Usually, a group includes seven to ten participants.

OptiMindHealth is a multidisciplinary practice offering psychiatric and psychological care services for those with mental health and wellness challenges. Group therapy is an important and helpful treatment approach that can help to solve problems and improve resiliency for our patients. Reach out to us by requesting an appointment or contacting our office for more information about group therapy or our many other services.