Testing Services

O MH psychological testing services are available to help those looking to establish appropriate diagnoses and get specific assistance for their conditions.

What is Psychological Testing?

Testing in psychology is a standardized process used by your psychologist to better understand behavior and personality. These tests, also called assessments, are conducted to help understand core psychological elements of a patient’s presenting complaints. It helps to identify strengths, personality characteristics, or performance in a certain academic or professional area. These tests are used to get a better idea of the current functioning state of a patient, not to predict the future or to predetermine someone’s potential in any given area.

How Does It Work?

Numerous tests are employed by OptiMindHealth psychologists to help ascertain the core aspects of a person’s psychological makeup. Assessments are performed by a licensed psychologist with experience and training in their area of expertise. Typically, testing and assessment length depends on the questing we are trying to solve, and can last anywhere from 2 hours to about 6 hours maximally. Modern technology is utilized for psychological assessment purposes, and some tests continue to be administered with paper and pencil format in the office.

On your first day, your testing psychologist will perform an initial intake session with you to collect the necessary background information in order to choose the proper testing strategy for you, to answer the question at hand. Your testing session typically follows at your next session, and after the results are prepared and reviewed. Then, a final session will be scheduled to discuss the results and the plan of action that can be taken based on the findings of your testing. All of our testing is completed in the office.

What Are The Costs?

Typically, insurance carriers will cover the cost of psychological testing after reviewing the need for the service.

If you are interested in seeing an OptiMindHealth prescriber for Testing Services, schedule your first visit with us at one of our locations today.

Locations Offering This Service

  • MA: Back Bay

    800 Boylston St, 16th Floor, Boston, MA 02199

  • CO: East Boulder

    4770 Baseline Rd Suite 300, Boulder, CO 80303

Staff Offering This Service

  • Heather Steffen, PsyD

    Staff Psychologist

  • Kara Fitzgerald, PhD

    Staff Psychologist

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