Teen Counseling

P sychotherapy and counseling can help adolescents and teens recover from depression and anxiety. It can also help to develop strategies to address problems in school, and improve attention and learning difficulties. Adjustments to loss, divorce, or death of a family member or close friend can be particularly challenging for younger people, and sometimes controlling impulses, aggression, and defiance can be difficult during the years of 13 to 17.

Challenges Teens Face

Early and later adolescence represents a time of rapid social growth and development that can present intensive challenges for kids, and starts before the age of 12. Generally, some parental participation in the psychotherapy process for adolescents in this age rage is preferred, to promote optimal outcome. Your counselor would normally invite parents of adolescents in this age range to meet concurrently with their child during sessions, or toward the end of the first few therapy sessions, depending on the nature of the presenting issue.

How We Can Help

OptiMindHealth counselors skilled in addressing the needs of adolescents and teens can help by providing a safe and nurturing environment to explore issues at a pace that works well for each individual patient. Contact us today for more information on counseling services we provide to adolescents and teens. 

If you are interested in seeing an OptiMindHealth provider for Teen Counseling, start by completing our Appointment Request Form or call our office today.

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Staff Offering This Service

  • Brian Boles, LPC

    Brian Boles, LPC

    Staff Counselor

  • Cathy Auth, LICSW

    Catherine Auth, LICSW

    Staff Counselor

  • Cheslea Goodreau, LMHC

    Chelsea Goodreau, LMHC

    Staff Counselor

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    Christina Deas, LPC

    Staff Counselor

  • Christine Wolf, LMFT

    Christine Wolf, LMFT

    Staff Counselor

  • Kari Lavin, LMHC

    Kari Lavin, LMHC

    Staff Counselor

  • grey abstract background

    Lateka Williams, LPC

    Staff Counselor

  • Cruz, Lisa

    Lisa Cruz, LPC

    Staff Counselor

  • Pamela Pollack, LICSW

    Pamela Pollack, LICSW

    Staff Counselor

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