Kaitlin Kertesz

Kaitlin received her master’s degree in clinical social work from Boston College in 2015. She blends her degree as a clinician along with training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and yoga therapy to offer an integrative approach to treatment. Through applying mind-body practices into her clinical work, Kaitlin offers a space for clients to consider how their physical bodies have been storing stress and emotional pain.

To individualize her treatment with each client, Kaitlin works collaboratively with you to identify your primary goals. Strategies for overcoming adversity are developed together, as steps are taken toward leading a more nourishing and fulfilling life.

Prior to joining OMH, Kaitlin served as a primary therapist at a therapeutic wilderness program, working with adolescents and families facing crisis. She applies her wilderness experience while guiding clients to consider the environmental influences on their life and how subtle shifts can offer bright beginnings. Recognizing the courage and vulnerability it takes to pursue therapy, Kaitlin welcomes clients at various stages of readiness and change who are simply interested in feeling better.

Practice Areas

    • Adult psychotherapy
    • Group psychotherapy
    • Trauma-based psychotherapy
    • Child and adolescent psychotherapy