Dr. Cooper earned her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from William James College in 2016.  She practices in the Boston office and provides individual, couples, and group therapy at OptiMindHealth.

Believing that all therapy starts by building an individualized and detailed understanding of each person, Dr. Cooper works with you to collaboratively develop a plan for your success based on your specific goals. Often, this plan includes enhancing knowledge, increasing self-awareness, and learning new skills. Dr. Cooper offers an integration of therapeutic approaches, including relational (focusing on interpersonal interactions), mindfulness (emphasizing awareness and attention to one’s experience), and cognitive-behavioral techniques (focusing on one’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and how they impact daily life).

Dr. Cooper works to help individuals living with anxiety, depression, and those managing life transitions. In addition, she has specialized training and experience in helping people heal from trauma (adult survivors of childhood trauma, sexual trauma, and military veterans who experienced combat and other traumas). She also has specialized training and experience in working with couples and groups looking to improve their sense of connection and overcome difficulties in a healthier manner.

Practice Areas

  • Counseling for trauma
  • Group psychotherapy
  • Couples counseling
  • Adult psychotherapy