group service

Group psychotherapy is often a key treatment component for individuals struggling with depression, social isolation, and the effects of trauma. It is a treatment modality that can serve multiple purposes, and in some situations can provide benefits that individual psychotherapy may not. Group therapy can offer a rewarding therapeutic experience that is both supportive and problem-solving in nature.

To acknowledge that you are not the only one struggling can feel like a tremendous relief. Group participants share experiences with problems they encounter, depending on their level of comfort. The psychologist leading any specific group has specialized training to teach group members proven strategies for managing specific problems.

Groups are either time limited, or indefinite in length. Groups with only a few sessions from start to completion are generally quite focused for the purpose of addressing a specific issue or set of related issues. These groups usually have a set number of participants for the entire length of the group. More abstractly defined groups with an undefined length may continue for extended periods to offer ongoing support and insight. These groups may have different participants over time.

Please contact us for more information about group therapy options that we currently have available at our practice.