trauma service

Adverse and stressful life events are unfortunately common. Accidents, losses, relationship transitions, or experiencing violence between people can have a powerful impact on how we feel about ourselves and others. This can make it more difficult to cope with stress, and to get along with others at work or at home. Sometimes, we may experience upsetting nightmares or thoughts about what we have experienced, and this can make it difficult to focus or get through the day.

Trauma counseling builds on our natural resilience and vitality to help us address these issues. Your therapist will work with you to explore strategies that enhance your strengths, address areas of difficulty, and improve relationships.

In the contained, safe, and measured process that is offered in this kind of counseling, you will have the opportunity to engage in processing upsetting memories in a predictable, deliberate way at a pace that is tolerable for you. This approach is designed to help traumatic recollections feel more manageable, and less intrusive, over the entire course of your care.