The ability to live life with confidence, hopeful enthusiasm, and joy, is the birthright of every human being. But most people will, at some time in their life, experience challenges, be they physical, emotional, relational, or environmental, that can hinder or even severely disrupt, that important, natural ability. Each year, one in five Americans will experience a mental health issue. When they do, the resulting distress, pain, fear, or anxiety can lead to self-destructive behaviors and damaged relationships.

OMH professionals treat human beings, not symptoms or conditions. That means that we recognize there is no single, all-encompassing treatment approach that can be simply applied for every patient. The most efficient and effective way to restore well-being is to recognize the unique combination of strengths, challenges, concerns, and needs possessed by each individual, to tailor treatment accordingly, and then deliver it in a caring, safe, and confidential manner. We are dedicated to helping people find, develop, and embrace, their ability to live balanced, happy, productive lives. We also actively promote the elimination of harmful myths and social stigmas associated with mental illness. The fact is, mental health treatment is an essential, highly effective science that can profoundly improve individual lives, families, and communities.

Our providers work closely together to offer comprehensive, skilled consultation and holistic treatment services for our patients. Our comprehensive approach to mental health services recognizes and assesses the unique complexities of every patient, then employs an array of therapies, strategies, and tools to restore healthy living, not just the elimination of symptoms. We offer both general and specialty services at our practice, and use medication based approaches, as well as psychotherapy, to promote effective and lasting changes in the lives of our patients.

How it Works

Appointment Requests

The first step in setting up an appointment is to complete the appointment request form, on our website. Our online appointment request form is fast, safe and secure. We will respond to your online request within one working day.

Visit Preparation

Our dedicated support staff will work with you to answer any questions you may have regarding your visit. We will clarify any matters regarding your registration, and will give you additional information about your visit.

Appointment Day

On your appointment day, your provider will invite you into their office to begin your session promptly at the scheduled time. We know your time is valuable, and we do our best to never keep our patients waiting.

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